weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635

インディーレーベルで、WET HAIR/Raccoo-oo-oonのShawn Reed主宰の
NIGHT PEOPLEのカセットテープが大量に入荷!アナログも少し!


■Ela Orleans/Dirty Beaches- Double Feature Split LP
■Terror Bird- Human Culture LP
■Wet Hair/Naked on the Vague- Split LP
■Yves/Son/Ace- Parade of Thoughts/Can't Sleep LP


■Naked on the Vague- “Midnight”
Chrome Dome- “s/t”
■Street Gnar- “Poking the World with a Stick” C32
■Three Legged Race – “As Ed Sunspot”
■Blanche Blanche Blanche- “Songs of”
■Factums - "Guilding the Lilies"
■Circuit Des Yuex - "Degrees of Seperation"
■Yves/Son/Ace - "Unsung"
■Horsebladder - "Nicole"
■Sleep Over - "s/t"
■Dirty Beaches - "Night City"
■EMA - "Little Sketches On Tape"

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Wet Hair at Beachland 11.1.10