weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635

湯浅譲二 他 / 大阪万博・せんい館の音楽 (Edition OMEGA POINT) CD

■諸井誠 / くさびら (Edition OMEGA POINT) CD

■藤本由紀夫 / 屋上の耳 yukio fujimoto “ears of the rooftop”(OMEGA POINT) book and 3"(8cm)CD

■伊東篤宏 / R.G.B./ Pre OPTRON 1999 (Edition OMEGA POINT) CD

■ELEH / Homage To The Sine Wave (TAIGA) LP 

■Ursula Bogner / sonne = blackbox (faitiche) LP

■Arthur Russell / Lets's Go Swimming (Audika) CD/12"

Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer / in a place of such graceful shapes (12k) 7"+CD

■Isan / eastside (KESHHHHHH recordings) LP
Taylor Deupree/Simon Scott/Steinbrüchel Remix

■muslimgauze / armsbazzar (essence music) CD
■muslimgauze / a.p reworks (staalplaat) 12"

■Sun Glitters / everything could be fine (lebenstrasse) LP