weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635

DIRTY THREE / Toward The Low Sun (Drag City) CD
Eddy Detroit + Sun City Girls / S/T (Ammit) 7"
CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO / Age Of Energy (Northern Spy Records) CD/LP
RED KRAYOLA / Fingerpainting (Drag City) LP
DEERHOOF / Milk Man (Polyvinyl) LP
FUGAZI / Repeater (Dischord) CD
MINOR THREAT / Complete Discography (Dischord) CD

ALKIBAR GIGNOR / La Paix (Mississippi) LP
V/A / Time Will Make A Change (Mississippi) LP+7"
V/A / What Remains Of Eden (Mississippi) LP
Gerardo Manuel & El Humo / Apocallypsis (Lion Productions) CD
Alfredito Linares / Salsa a todo sabor (Lion Productions) CD
KIM JUNG MI / Now (Lion Productions) CD

MI AMI / Decade (100% Silk) CD
FORT ROMEAU / Kingdoms (100% Silk) CD
JESSE RUINS / Dream Analysis (Captured Tracks) CD
THIEVES LIKE US / Bleed Bleed Bleed (Captured Tracks) CD
XENO & OAKLANDER / Sets & Lights (Wierd) CD
VAURA / Selenelion (Wierd) CD
120 Days / II (Splendour) CD
EXPENSIVE LOOKS / Dark Matters (Group Tightener) CD
Heavy Hawaii / Super Bowl XXIX (Art Fag) 7"
KWJAZ / S/T (Not Not Fun) CD/LP
WILD NOTHING / Gemini (Captured Tracks) CD
WILD NOTHING / Golden Haze (Captured Tracks) CD
TWIN SISTER / Color Your Life (Infinite Best)CD
CHROMATICS / Night Drive (deluxe Edition) (Italians Do It Better) CD
WOODS / At Rear House (Shrimper) CD

TALK TALK / Laughing Stock (Ba Da Bing) LP
HALF STRING / Maps For Sleep (Captured Tracks) CD

Nate Young / Stay Asleep (Regression Vol. 2) (NNA Tapes) LP
Toshimaru Nakamura / John Butcher / DUSTED MACHINERY (Monotype Records) CD
PITCHSHIFTERS / meeuw 040 goschen / 828 (meeuw media) 7"

LINDSTROM / Six Cups Of Rebel (Smalltown Supersound) CD/LP
TYCHO / Dive (Ghostly) CD
BATHS / Cerulean (Anticon) CD
WHY? / Oaklandazulasylum (Anticon) CD
DABRYE / One / Three (Ghostly) CD