weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635


■V.A / London Is The Place For Me 5 And 6: Afro-Cubism, Calypso, Highlife, Mento, Jazz (HONEST JON'S) CD
■V.A / London Is The Place For Me 5: Latin, Jazz, Calypso And Highlife From Young Black London (HONEST JON'S) LP
■V.A / London Is The Place For Me 6: Mento, Calypso, Jazz And Highlife From Young Black London (HONEST JON'S) LP

■Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI / Casamance (Ndagga) 12"
■Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI / Bamba (Ndagga) 12"

APC / Apc Edits Vol.1 (No Label) 12"
Peaking LightsのAaron CoyesによるAPC(Analog Players Clubs)
MasteringがSonic Boom
■ROYAL CROWN OF SWEDEN / R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R. EP (Proibito) 12"
Anthony Naplesのレーベル 
Bookworms, Steve Summers & Lori Remix
■ALEX BURKAT / The Shower Scene Ep (Mister Saturday Night) 12"
ブルックリンのL.I.E.S.周辺レーベル Mister Saturday Nightより。

■JOHN CAMP / Credit Default Swap (Have A Killer Time) 12"

■DJ KOZE / Amygdala (PAMPA) LP

■COLDFISH / Revelation 1 Remixes (AllInn) 12"
G.Verrina & G.Ventura, Cristi Cons, TC Studio Remixes
■VOIGTMANN / 5000 Shades Of Grey Ep (Do Easy) 12"
Cristi Cons, Vlad CaiaのSIT (Sideways Invisibility Theory) Remix
■PHILUS / Kolmio Ep (Sähkö) 12"
■DIAMOND VERSION / Ep3 (Mute) 12" 再入荷
Alva Noto, Byetoneによる

■The Cyclist / Bones in Motion (Leaving Records) CD

■SUFF DADDY X TA-KU / Bricks & Mortar (Melting Pot music) LP
J DILLA / Dillatroit (Mahogani Music) LP 再入荷

■MONKEY MARC / Monkey Marc Vs The Planet Smashers Ep (Jahtari) 12"
■Tapes / Where Is The Time EP (Jahtari) 12"
■V.A. / Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires (ZZK) LP/CD