weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635



Mark Durgan / Ploughing Furrows into Rotten Burrows (PAN) LP

Ellen Fullman / The Long String Instrument (Superior Viaduct) LP

AMI SHAVIT / In Alpha Mood (Finders Keepers Records) LP

GEOFF KROZIER & THE GENERATOR / Tranceformer (Finders Keepers Records) 2LP

Alain Goraguer / La Planète Sauvage OST (Superior Viaduct) LP

ZNR / Barricade 3 (Superior Viaduct) LP

GRIM / Works 1983-89 (Vinyl-on-demand) 3LP BOX

Milk From Cheltenham / Triptych Of Poisoners (Superior Viaduct) LP

THROBBING GRISTLE / D.O.A.: The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle (Industrial Records) LP

THROBBING GRISTLE / Throbbing Gristle Bring You... 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Industrial Records) LP

SYMPATHY NERVOUS / Plastic Love (Minimal Wave) LP

Departmentstore Santas / At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-year Lifetimes Since (Superior Viaduct) LP

Liquid Liquid / Liquid Liquid (Superior Viaduct) 12"

Liquid Liquid / Optimo (Superior Viaduct) 12"

Liquid Liquid / Successive Reflexes (Superior Viaduct) 12"

Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra / Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra (Superior Viaduct) 12"

FAMILY FODDER / Sunday Girls (Director's Cut) (Staubgold) CD/LP

Lizzy Mercier Descloux / Press Color (Light In The Attic) 2LP

Woo / When The Past Arrives (Drag City) CD

Brigitte Fontaine / Comme à La Radio (Superior Viaduct) LP

John Fahey / Days Have Gone By (4 Men With Beards) LP

V.A. / Last Kind Words (1926-1953) (Mississippi Records) LP
V.A. / I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore 1927-1948 (Mississippi Records) LP
Isaiah Owens / You Without Sin Cast The First Stone (Mississippi Records) LP

V.A. / African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro ...Sounds From Benin & Togo 70s (ANALOG AFRICA) 2LP

BRIAN HARNETTY / Rawhead & Bloodybones (Dust-To-Digital) 2CD

Colleen / Everyone Alive Wants Answers (Beacon Sound) Cassette Tape

Benoit Pioulard / Stanza I & II (Beacon Sound) Cassette Tape

L A N D / Anoxia (Important Records) LP

METASPLICE / Vertia/Tiled Eighths (Morohine) 12"

RON MORELLI / A Gathering Together (Hospital Productions) CD

CHRISTOPHER BISSONNETTE / Pitch, Paper & Foil (Kranky) CD

PEDER MANNERFELT / Come Closer (We Can Elude Control) 12"

SHIT AND SHINE / Everybody's a Fuckin Expert (Editions Mego) CD

AMBIQ / ambiq (Arjunamusic) CD/LP

Harry Pussy / Harry Pussy (Superior Viaduct) LP

Sightings / Amusers And Puzzlers (Dais) LP

The Space Lady / Burnt Ones / Split (Castle Face) CD/LP

Wavves & Cloud Nothings / No Life For Me (Ghost Ramp) CD

Herbcraft / Wot Oz (Woodsist) LP

Drinks / Hermits On Holiday (Birth) CD

Madalyn Merkey / Valley Girl (New Images) LP

Madalyn Merkey / Scent (New Images) LP

Bill Orcutt & Jacob Felix Heule / Colonial Donuts (Palilalia) LP

Dextah / Relentless Disillusion (The Content Label) LP+DVD+Download

Teebs / Estara Outtakes / Remixes (hit+run) LP

Unguent / Otiose Pos (birdFriend) Cassette + DL

Wilted Woman / Singspiele (birdFriend) Cassette + DL