weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635


Verckys et l´Orchestre Veve / Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969​-​1978 (Analog Africa) CD

Hugh Tracey / The Very Best of Hugh Tracey (SWP RECORDS) CD

Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus / Promised Land Sounds - Rockin' Live Ruff N Tuff (Dug Out) LP

Pascal Comelade / L'Argot du Bruit (Because Music) LP+CD

Pierre Bastien / Blue As An Orange (Morphine Records) LP 再入荷

Robert Wyatt / The End Of An Ear (Cherry Red Phonograph) LP

Henry Cow / Leg End (ReR) LP

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso ‎/ Banco (Cherry Red Phonograph) LP

Moondog / The Viking Of Sixth Avenue (Honest Jon's Records) 2LP

John Fahey / Days Have Gone By (4 Men With Beards) LP 再入荷

John Fahey ‎/ The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites (4 Men With Beards) LP 再入荷

John Fahey / Blind Joe Death Volume 1 (4 MEN WITH BEARDS) LP

Silver Apples / Silver Apples (Jackpot) LP
Deluxe Silver Foil Jacket, Limited Blue Sky Colored Vinyl

Ilitch / 10 Suicides (Superior Viaduct) LP

Ilitch / Periodikmindtrouble (Superior Viaduct) LP

Suicide / Alan Vega Martin Rev (Superior Viaduct) LP

Suicide / Suicide (Superior Viaduct) LP

The Fall / Dragnet (Superior Viaduct) LP

V.A. / Cold Waves Of Color 3 (Color Tapes) CD

Andrzej Nowak / Cocktail Paint (Dunno) LP

John Bender / I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It (Superior Viaduct) LP

Charles Cohen / Brother I Prove You Wrong (Morphine Records) 2LP

Suzanne Ciani / Buchla Concerts 1975 (Finders Keepers Records) LP

Daniela Casa / Societa Malata (DAGORED) LP

Mecanica Popular / Que Sucede con el Tiempo? (DEAD-CERT) LP 再入荷

Suso Saiz / Odisea (Music From Memory) 2CD

Alain Goraguer / La Planete Sauvage Ost (Superior Viaduct) LP 再入荷

Tony Conrad with Faust / Outside The Dream (Superior Viaduct) CD/LP

Jon Gibson / Visitations (Superior Viaduct) LP

From Scratch / Five Rhythm Works (EM Records) LP

Steve Reich / Four Organs / Phase Patterns (Superior Viaduct) CD/LP

Steve Reich / Berkeley University Museum - November 7, 1970 (Modern Silence) LP

Edgar Varese / Music of Edgar Varèse Vol. 1 (Modern Silence) LP

Peter Cusack / After Being In Holland For Two Years (BLUME) LP

Valerio Tricoli / Clonic Earth (Pan) 2LP

Helm / Olympic Mess (N1L & Beatrice Dillon Remixes) (Pan) 12"

Shit & Shine / Good White... Good Green (Heated Heads) 12”

Not Waving / Animals (Diagonal) CD

High Wolf vs The Durian Brothers / Split Ep (DISKANT) 12”

Willamette / Diminished Composition (Scissor Tail Editions) LP+DL

J Dilla / King Of Beats (Yancey Media Group) CD


Laraaji & Sun Araw / Professional Sunflow (W.25TH) LP

Madeline Merkey / Valley Girl (New Images) LP 再入荷

Hecker / Articulacao (Editions Mego) CD

Bibio / fi (Warp) CD

Chris Cohen / As If Apart (Captured Tracks) CD

The Goon Sax / Up To Anything (Chapter Music) LP

Woods / City Sun Eater In The River Of Light (Woodsist) CD

Naked Lights / On Nature (Castle Face) CD/LP

威力 / 光速と弾炎 (Black Smoker) CD

のっぽのグーニー / ヴィレッジ・オン・ザ・ヴィレッジ (自主) CD

Gotou / 粘土GIG (自主) CDR

Otaco / OTACO - くれない会ライブ 2016.07.13 (自主) CDR

Tenniscoats / Live Wanderus (Chapter Music) CD

oneone / Alapla (Majikick) CD

巨人ゆえにデカイ / documentos 1 (Kyozin Yueni Dekai) CD