weird-meddle record / 東京都中央区築地6丁目3-8 / 03-6264-3635

■Senking / Capsize Recovery (raster-noton) CD

■Grischa Lichtenberger / and.IV [inertia] (raster-noton) CD
■Pixel / Mantle (raster-noton) CD
■Robert Lippok / Redsuperstructure (raster-noton) CD

■Bill Orcutt / A History of Every One (editions mego) CD

■Sharron Kraus / Pilgrim Chants & Pastoral Trails (Second Language) CD

Colleen / The Weighing of the Heart (Second Language) CD

■Michaela Melián / Monaco (monika enterprise) CD
■Misophone / Before the Waves Roll In (Kning Disk) CD
Ryuichi Sakamoto + Taylor Deupree / Disappearance (12k) CD
■John Wizards / John Wizards (planet mu) CD
■Eric Copeland / Joke In The Hole (DFA) CD
■Blondes / Swisher (RVNG) CD
■Lilacs & Champagne / Danish & Blue (Mexican Summer) CD

Tenniscoats / Tan Tan Therapy (Hapna/Headz) CD